album, bebo.

by bekfles

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1. biću tvoj (volim te)
2. bekfleš tuga
3. kum to rade
4. robo suze (ft. volvox)
5. ako humrem danas bebo (ft. volvox)

prod. bekfleš


released April 6, 2017

prod. by bekfleš


tags: Novi Sad


all rights reserved


Kite i Jaja Prod. Novi Sad, Serbia


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Track Name: bicu tvoj (volim te)
im your kindergarden
be my hospital
ill be your sheperd be my sheep
ill be your fresh chees be my goat

im an apple you are the seed
im corn you are bread
i am candy you are caramel
my face is your seat

i love you, i know you love me
like some popcorn or some
donuts at the fair
at the beach or at the strand
with chocolate, powdered sugar
like some cold lemonade
on a picnic in a park
on a picnic in cannes
i buy you a pijama
i buy one for your mama
i respect my mother in law
i buy you a purse
golden hoes for your yard
a platinum cow to compliment the grass

thats how much i love you
thats how much i love you
im a weiner you the bun
im a joke and you are dumb

Track Name: bekfles tuga
baby leave that window
i dont feel so good
its 6 am i went to bed at midnight
im talking to dawn, dew looking for a place
oooooh where im warm
but its cold everywhere
its all cold like your heart
you never smile you never frown
i wrote this fugue for you
through her i send you hatred

you dont know what love is
you dont know wha a friend is
you dont knwo what a tear is
you dont know what debt is
you only heard of that

maybe crazy but i know what a friend is baby
crazy but i am a good friend
zive a real friend
real zive friend
Track Name: kum to rade
do you love how the kum does it
do you love how the kum does it
kum does it the best
we are burning eggplants in the club
we are making babies at the tables

hey baby mama mama give little
i need just a little bit
no more exactly how much you wanted you are a baby
in the kitchen im peeling cucumbers for you
there are no grease stains after me
i love you i dont want to argue
you are a trophy im going to take you like paspalj
cici mici you are for bass not for bream
dark chocolate in small quantity
carrots, beet, integral rice
Track Name: robo suze (ft. volvox)
baby come push this button
oh baby come lick my robo tears
wipe my chips and tighten my screws
i am your sexy robot, i clean, i iron, i throw fireworks
i know what you hate, i know what you love, i am you android
you salt your fries, you like your cola with no ice
your name is the code of my chip hun
follow my algorhythm

baby im a honey robot
nicely designed so i look hot
i am programmed for your love
you are the 1 and 0 in my binary code baby baby

ill be you synthetic daddy be my motherboard
ill reprogramme you to serve me
programmed to show your booty my digital angel
no you aint no regular slummy
you are my animatronic dummy
you dont need protection i got a trojan
virus dripping down your firewall

Track Name: ako humrem danas bebo (ft. volvox)
oh baby if i die today
tell my clique i want my funreal to be lavish
even though the clique doesn’t have income t
hey will scrap some money for their brother
and you, dont cry baby you know i dont like tears
altough i know you wont be able to get over me
drop a rose baby, or drop a nug baebae
or drop yourself next to me
i know you think your life makes no sense without me
thats correct come with me

if i die today baby x4
join me join me
if i die today baby
burn my tender body
never worry baby il be back il be back

baby i died yesterday
im already back today and munching that ass
if die again today
make sure that i look cute at my wake
like in paris that day
with a huge jade under my face
jumping out the coffin
the whole clique is lighting torches
my shorty is opening a dom p
like you all didnt know nidza is fucking immortal
even in death ive got style im fucking fresh